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Japo Jussila

Crayfish Innovation Center
Crayfish biologist

My main goals in the Crayfish Innovation Center include finding solutions to most important problems within Finnish crayfisheries and development of business related to wild and farmed crayfish. My responsibilities include redifining and developing ideas, project planning and project management as well as lecturing and practical teaching. Furthermore, I am involved with several local crayfisheries projects in Savo and Karelia.









After graduating from the University of Kuopio in 1986 (1986 BSc, MSc; 1993 Phil.Lic.; 1997 PhD) I have participated in several applied projects dealing with crustacean biology, ecology and physiology both in Finland and Australia. I have worked hands on in the management of wild and farmed crayfish stocks. I have planned and managed several research and development projects improving the management strategies of crayfisheries.

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